Dreamer’s 2022 Advent Calendar List (Calendars with FREE Past Gifts Listed)

There are MANY Advent Calendars in Second Life. This is just a list of some of them. I will update it as often as I can. I hope it helps 🙂 

You can join my inworld group for more info and gifts: 

Dreamer’s Second Life (Tips&Gifts) 


Last year’s calendar list: 

Dreamer’s 2021 Advent Calendars List Most of those stores will have a calendar this year, too. 

Remember to get the other gifts available at the stores, look for gifts, group gifts, Midnight Mania boards, Lucky Boards, etc. Some stores have great sales and promos, have a look around and buy something if you can to support generous creators. 

Happy Holidays! 

🎄🎁 2022 Advent Calendar List  🎁🎄



PAST GIFTS FREE (no group) 

PAST GIFTS FREE (with free group) 

PAST GIFTS FREE (with paid group) 

NGN = No group needed.

FGN = Free group needed. 

PGN = Paid group needed. 

European time. 


2Love (De.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

7 Deadly S[K]ins (Dec. 01-Jan.01) PGN 500L$ Group gifts, Lucky Boards, Midnight Manias, etc. 

Abranimations (Dec.1-24) FGN Lots of fun gifts for males and females. 

ADD (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

Adora-tions Ink Studio (Dec.1-24) 25L$ each item on the day. More later. 

Afterparty (Dec.13-24) PGN 99L$ Lots of group gifts and some FREE NGN gifts. 

Akaesha (Dec.1-24) FREE. Touch the calendar to get a landmark. TP there and get your gift, you can also win a gift card. 

ALB Dream Fashion (Dec.1-24) PGN 500L$ Female fashion. 

Alli&Ali Designs (Dec. 01-24) FREE. Hair store. 

ALLURA (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

ALTER (Dec.1-24) FGN. Past days 35L$. Female fashion.

AM Designs (Dec.1-24) FREE. Home and garden store. 

Amazing Creations (Dec.1-24) FGN. Male and female fashion. 

AmigoUFO Creations: 2 calendars calendar 1 and calendar 2 (Dec.1 – Jan.1) and lots of freebies and gifts. FREE. FGN for some of the gifts. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Applique Chic (Dec.1-24) Current gift FREE. 10L$ past days. 2 calendars: males and females. 

Artscape (Dec.12-24) FREE. 

Asia Fashion (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female Fashion. 

Aspen Resort (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Ari-Pari (Dec.1-25) PDG 25L$ Female fashion. 

Art & Fashion (Dec.1-24) PGN 20L$. 

Artattoo  (Dec.1-24) FGN Tattoos. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Aster’s Builts (Dec.1-24) FREE. Home and garden store. 

Baboom (Dec.1-24) FGN. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Baby Monkey (Dec.13-24) Female fashion. 

Ballade 8 Days of Christmas (Dec.18-25: FREE gift each day for 24 hours. starting on December 18th at 12:00 pm SLT. NO Group Needed. After 24 hours, each gift will be available for 20L$ until December 31st.) FREE. NGN. 

Bee Designs / Ink Me at Christmas Lane (Dec.1-24) FGN. Home and garden store. 

Believe (Dec.12-24) PGN 100L$ Female fashion. 

Birds of Peace (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

B2K Design (Dec.1-24) PGN 99L$. Female fashion. 

Black Angel Store (Dec.1-24) FGN  Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

BlackBird Lace Store (Dec.1-24) FGN  Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

BlackStone (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

Boyberry (Dec.1-Dec.24) FREE Male and unisex fashion. 

BWC Christmas Calendar (Dec.1-25) (Christmas tree) Free group for a little while on Dec. 1st and then back to PGN 150L$. Gifts for males and females. 

BYRNE (De.12-25) FGN. 

C.M.D. Art and Furniture FREE. (European time) 

Celestina’s Weddings FGN. Female fashion. 

Christmas Delights (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Christmas Sale Event (Dec.12-24) FREE. Also gifts. 

Christmas Shopping in Maine (Dec.1-24) FREE. Plus a Christmas hunt. Find all the hunt prizes. 

Christmas Wonderland FREE. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

CIRCA Living (Dec.1-24) From 0L$ to 75L$. 

Cosmopolitan (Dec.13-25) FGN. 

COVETED! (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

Cremosas (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion, nails, etc. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Dark Salvation FREE. Female fashion.   

Demicorn (Dec.1-25) PGN 50L$. Female fashion and cosmetics. 

Divia’s Design at Christkindl Market (Dec.1-24) FGN. Home and garden store. (European time) PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Drama Libre (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Delicatt Couture (Dec.1-24) FREE the first 24h after that you need the VIP group 99L$. 

Dench Designs (Dec.1-24) FREE. Home and garden store. PAST GIFTS FREE. Free group gifts, too. 

DM Design (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Drang and SAO (Dec.12-24) PGN 20L$. Female fashion. Lots of group gifts. 

DUST (Dec.1-Dec.24) FGN. Home and garden, games, etc. 

Eclectic Stars (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

Enchantress (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Emerald Couture (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

EMPOWER (Dec.1-24) FGN. Poses and animations. 

Enigma Apparel (Dec.12-24). PGN 1L$. Female fashion. 

Erotik (Dec.1-25) FGN. Past days cost 35L$. Female fashion. 

Essenz (Dec.1-24) PGN 350L$. Shoes. 

Evolving Images (Dec.1-24) FGN. 

Ewa Boutique (Dec.1-24) FGN. The group is only temporary FREE. There are lots of group gifts and Luckies. Female Fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Fake Society and Off-line calendars (Dec.12-24) FGN. Female fashion.  

Favor (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

!! Firelight !! (Dec.13-24) FGN 12 Days of Christmas. Hair store. 

Flaneur (Dec.1-25) PGN 50L$. Female fashion. 

FlyingArts (Dec.1-24) FREE. 2 calendars (adults and ttiny / Dinkies). Home, garden, and fun. 

Frick-n-Frack (Dec.1-24) FREE. Nails. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

GBD (Dec.1-25) FREE. Female fashion. 

GK (Dec.13-24) FGN. Male and female fashion. Group gifts. 

Glitzz (Dec.1-25) FREE. FREE group for limited time, and they have group gifts. More info HERE.  

Go&See (Dec.1-24) PGN 350L$ AOs, poses, animations… PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Gold Square (Dec.1-24) FGN. Free group for limited time. More info HERE. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Good Fairy (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

Good Girl Originals (Dec.1-24) PGN: 99L$ Female fashion. Lucky Boards and group gifts. 

Grumble (Dec.1-12) FGN. Female fashion. 

Half Baked Tees (Dec.1-24) FREE. Male and female fashion. 

Happy Hippo Building School (Dec.1-25). FREE. NGN. 

Harambee Advent Calendar (Dec.1-31) 1L$-3L$ per gift, proceeds go to IKSDP-Harambee project. 

HH Design Store (Dec.1-25) FREE. 

[HK] Hera Kors Boutique (Dec.13-24) FGN. Cosmetics. 

Hot Stuff (Dec.1-24) PGN 98L$ Female fashion. 

Hutspot (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Insanitys Owns Mall (Dec.1-25) FREE. 

JUMO Originals (Dec.12-Jan.1). FREE. Female fashion. 

Kim’s Kreations (Dec.1-25) FREE. Great calendar & lots of gifts at the store. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Kushi Textures & Mesh (Dec.1-24) PGN 10L$. 

KYMILE (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 35L$ past day items. 

LadyNight Pose Creation (Dec.1-24) FREE. 


Le’La (Dec.1-24) PGN: 100L$  Female fashion. 

LEMPIKA  (Dec.1-24) PGN: 49L$ Female fashion and cosmetics. 

LSR Originals (Dec.1-24) PGN: 99L$ Female fashion. Lucky Boards and group gifts. 

LuluB! (Dec.1-24) PGN:150L$. Female fashion, fantasy, decor, accessories. 

Luna Chelsea Creations (Dec.12-24) FREE 

Lurve (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar Dec.1-25. 500L$ 

Ma’De (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

M&M (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

Masoom (Dec.13-24)  PGN 200L$  Female fashion. 


Meander/Me (Dec.8-25) (0L$ to 99L$). 

Melody (Dec.1-24) PGN 99L$. Female fashion. 

MEVA (Dec.1-24) PGN 100L$. Female fashion. 

Miss Violet’s (Dec.1-25) FREE. Home and garden. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

MoCap Dances (Dec.1-24) FREE. Animation store. 

Monarchs (Dec.1-24) FGN. Home and garden. 

Moody (Dec.1-24)  FREE. Female fashion, cosmetics, tattoos… PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Moonstar by the Sea (Dec1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 


Mystika (Dec.1-25) FREE. Male and female fashion.  

NELLA GOLD FASHION (Dec.1-25) PGN 50L$ Female fashion. Group gifts and Luckies. 

Next Door Designs (Dec.1-25) FREE. Pay 1L$ and get it back. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Nordwald Siedlung (Dec.1-24) FREE. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

No Shot (Dec.13-24) FREE. Male and female calendars. Group gifts. 

Normandy (Dec.12-24) PGN 10L$. 

Noyaux (Dec.1-24) FREE. Cosmetics. 

NYNE (Dec.1-24) FGN. Fashion and hair store. (European time)  

KingbalStores (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Perfect Fashion (Dec.1-24) PGN 99L$. Female fashion. 

Pearl’s Treasure Chest (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Petrichor (Dec.1-24) 1L$ each gift. Lovely gifts! Past days available. More info HERE

Pimp My Pose (Dec.1-24) FGN. Poses and animations. 

Pink&Love (Dec.1-24) FGN FREE gifts, 35L$ previous gifts. Female fashion. More HERE

Pink Cream Pie (Dec.1-24) PGN 314L$  Female fashion. Lots of gifts and Lucky Boards. 

Pink Mango (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Punk JUSTUS (Dec.1-25). FREE. Female fashion. 

PurpleMoon (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Purple Sloth (Dec.1-25) FGN. Calendar-Hunt: touch the calendar to get the hint. Find Fonzo. Family friendly store. 

Royal Pain (Dec.1-24) FREE. Children’s fashion. 

RUE (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Salt & Pepper (Dec.1-24) PGN 300L$ Female fashion. 

SAPA (Dec.1-24) FREE. Poses and animations. 

Scandalize 24 Days of Gifts in the Scandalize Region. FREE More info HERE. PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Selene Creations (Dec.1-25) PGN 150L$. Female fashion. 

Shanti (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. Group gifts upstairs. 

Seniha (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

Simply Shelby FREE on the day, 10L$ later. 

Skye Qi-Vintage Apparel Emporium (Dec. 1-24) FREE. Male and female fashion. 

Sofia (Dec.5-25) FREE gifts, 35L$ past gifts. Female fashion. 

Stunner Originals (Dec.1-24)  FGN  Skins, cosmetics, etc. More info HERE

SUNA (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Sway’s (Dec.1-24) Wear the hud, find the stars, then touch the calendar each day. 

Synnergy Tavis (Dec.1-24) FGN. Poses, backdrops, etc. PAST GIFTS FREE. Group gifts. 

Syren’s Song (Dec.1-24) FREE. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

The Dark Fae (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

The Sissy Bar (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Tiar 3 calendars: Grumpy Cat (kid stuff) and Tiar (unisex) are FREE. Not Pink (woman) PGN 10L$. 

Timeless Textures  FREE  

TrendZy (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

TWO MOON GARDENS (Dec.12-24) FREE. Home and garden. 

V8 Underground  FGN. Free group limited time. Male and female fashion. More info HERE.  

Vathiany Creations (Dec.1-24) FREE. Fashion. 

Vagrant (Dec.1-24) FGN. Clothing store. 

VELES Region (several stores) (Dec.1-24) FREE on the day, on sale following days. Previous years gifts available. 

Versois et Mailloux (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. (15 group gifts) PAST GIFTS FREE.  

Virtual Diva (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

WellMade (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. More info HERE

Wicked Poses (Dec.1-24) FGN. Poses. 

WoW Skins  (Dec.1-24) PGN 350L$ Female skins, shapes, and cosmetics. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS Calendar 1 and Calendar 2 (Dec.1-24) FREE. 

Yasum (Dec.1-24) FREE. Male and female fashion. PAST GIFTS FREE. 

Zerkalo (Dec.1-24) FGN. Home and garden store. 

ZEX (Dec.1-24) FGN. Female fashion. 

ZOOM (Dec.1-24) FREE. Female fashion. 

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