Hello world and welcome back to Dreamers!

This might be the first post of a WordPress blog but it’s certainly not the first of Dreamer’s Virtual World. This blog has been alive written by Dreamer Pixelmaid, resident of Second Life, since 2010. Unfortunately, last February 15th, Dreamer found her blog had been reported for SPAM and blocked by Blogger, no questions asked. She did not even have ads in her blog but since everything is automated and you cannot speak to a human being, there was nothing she could do except click the link to asks for a review. She did this the same day she was blocked on Feb 15th, and more than half a month later she is still waiting for an answer heartbroken after losing all these years of hard work.

Her friends have decided to NOT wait any more. We have bought her an internet domain and set up a blog for her in wordpress on a private server. No one can lock her down again and no one can report her for anything. This is the only post you will see that we have written as her maintenance crew, any other posts are hers. Please bare with us while we painstakingly copy one by one her previous posts from this last year over to her new blog. Please show her your support by leaving comments for her here and by telling people about this blog.

You can read the whole story directly from her in the temporal Blog she set up:

Dreamer’s Virtual World – Notice Board

Or you can also read the news that was posted in Second Life Newser.


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