Still Trying to Get My Blog Back


On February 15th, Dreamer’s Virtual World was locked by Blogger. My blog was reported for SPAM. No idea why as I didn’t have any ads or anything “spammy” in my blog, but Blogger / Google removes first and checks later. The problem is everything is automated so you cannot talk to a human being. Also, I have a free account so they are in no hurry. There’s nothing else I can do but wait. 
I don’t have access to my blog so I cannot move it to another platform. I don’t get money from blogging. I created and maintain my blog to share information and help as many people as I can. I spent so much time and energy, I’m not going to lie, the whole thing has been very upsetting and I’m heartbroken.
For information about gifts, etc. use my inworld group Dreamer’s Second Life (Tips&Gifts) and my Discord Server. You can still access part of my blog through the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive: HERE

7 thoughts on “Still Trying to Get My Blog Back

  1. They sent me an email on Feb. 15th letting me know they had remove my blog. There was a link I could click if I didn't agree and wanted a review. I did click it. I haven't heard from them nor been able to talk to anybody. I also used the Blogger feedback form asking for help. Nothing.

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